Thursday, 13 December 2012

That's shocking !

4.00-5.50 pm


Today our class continue with the presentation and it's my turn. I have to tell 4 facts about my partner and he also do the same thing. I just don't want to remember one of my facts because he only made up the facts. It's okay. Just a little bit annoying . After finish with the presentation, we continue with another activity. It was fun. Never done this game with other lecturer. Miss Zu want us to list 4 thing that will make people shocking.

We need to write without sharing with friend. They can't know what is 4 thing about us. Then, we need to fold the paper to make a rocket. We need to make sure the rocket is fly to our friend. Everyone must get other people rocket and not ours. After that, we need to present infront of the class and guess who is the people.

There is 4 thing that shocking about me. Actually, it's not that shocking.If you want to know, first I do not eat catfish. It's because the face look scary. Second, I feel like want throw up when I see a poop. It's disgusting okay ! Third, after 2 hours eat, I can eat again. I think because my metabolisme rate is faster and that's why my weight is difficult to increase. Lastly, I'm not afraid of insect. I can even hold it with my hand.

I was know a lot about my classmate. What they like and dislike as well as their bad habit.haha It was really burst my laughter. We had so much fun and enjoy the activity. I hope the next class we will do more interesting activity. That's all bye ! :)

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