Thursday, 28 February 2013

Forum in the class.

Wednesday (27/2/13)


Today we were doing forum. The first group is Izany and I think their group is not bad. We enjoy laughing today. Haha this is because we can see our friends talk infront of people. Then, my group present. But, Kima was absent today. So, I will talk about her points. I'm the host of this forum and we name this show is " Eika Talk Show". We played our role, Ita as the citizen of Malaysian, Wawa as the Health specialist and Nawi as the Municipal officer.

I think today our class very relax and we had so much fun. We snap a lot of pictures. For me the best host is Fikri because he is very funny and good in speaking. Whereas, the best panel is Faiz Adha the rappers in the class. For the best group I don't know which group I should choose because all of us tried to do the best. Group 6 will present next week because not enough time. Okay let's check it out the pictures !


Don't sleep yet ! & Izany.Z group ;)

Ita, Ika and Fatin :p

That's all kbye friends !

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

References and Forum.

Tuesday (26/2/13)


Hye friends ! Today we are going to do Forum! Huh I feel nervous, that means we need to do speaking. Haha of course we need to speak. But, before start with the forum, Miss zu was explained to us how to make references for our draft essay. She explained to us more detailed with an example. We just need to follow exactly in the textbook.

We need to put all our material. At least 5 references. Miss zu want us to do it during weekend. I'm sure all of my friend are going very busy because instead of Bel we have another assignment for other subject. 

After that, we do forum. Miss zu was divided us into 5 group. I'm group number 2 and my member is Ita, Nawi, Wawa and Kima. Our title is about the cleanliness and good maintenance of public amenities. We need to discuss about the causes and how to solve this problem. Miss zu give us time to discuss and each person in our group must have a role. 

Miss zu said we are going to proceed the forum tomorrow because we don't have much time. Then, class dismissed. Let's wait and see for the forum tomorrow. Kbye :)

Monday, 25 February 2013

commenting and problem-solution essay.

monday (25/2/13)


Today we brought our laptop to the class because Miss zu want to check our draft essay. She want us to do peer editing. We need to change our essay with other group. For compare-contrast essay only Izat and I doing the essay. So, we need to change with each other. Unfortunately, Wasim didn't come to the class and Izat don't have the soft copy for his essay.

So, I  give Izat my soft copy of essay so that he can do commenting. While waiting for Izat commenting on our essay, Diba and I do the online quizes. That's all we do for today. But we have replacement class tonight. We will write an essay again. Huh !

At night class, we are doing problem solution essay. As usual Miss zu will explained more detailed to us about that type of essay. Thank god, this essay only have 2 pattern. Miss zu said this problem-solution essay is the most easier. Then, we played a game. I'm group no 1 and we choose pattern no 2. Each group have different topics and my topics is stealing on open house.

But this time we need to put in text citation. We can use goggle to find the information. I'm doing introduction and Miss zu said at least has one in text citation in the introduction paragraph. I think this time much better because we are not rushing to do the essay. We also submit first. But I'm not sure whether my introduction is okay or not. Hopefully, everything will be fine. Up till here. Kbye !

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Cause and effect essay.

wednesday (20/2/13)


Hye everyone! Today lesson is about cause and effect essay. Miss zu taught us more detail and we learnt all pattern of this essay. I preferred patern no 4 and 5 because it just focus on causes or effect. After Miss zu explained one by one about the pattern, then we played a game. 

I'm group no 2, so my block pattern is also no 2. Each group was given a different topics. My topics is about  disabled child. At first, I don't understand what actually the meaning of the video. Then, Miss zu explained. Actually, the video is about what is the effect of having disabled child in family. Each person need to do one paragraph. we need to do it in 40 minute and then submit the soft copy. 

Frankly speaking, I really feel stress because we need to think fast. I'm pretty sure my sentences structure is worse as well as my grammar.  But, during that time I don't care at all, the most important thing is we submit the soft copy to Miss zu before 6 pm. 

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Monday (18/2/13)


Today we have learn about inferences. Inferences is what you read between the lines or the author want you, as a reader to guess what actually he/she mean.

When we read something our inside voices will
  • make guesses
  • find connecting point
  • ask question
  • make prediction
  • personalize the reading 
  • uses background knowledge to interpret.
To make the students understand, Miss Zu have create a game. The game is call, "who kill Mr. Boddy?" . So, we need to guess and make prediction or assumption based on the clues that Miss zu gave. I think my classmates don't understand how to played the game. That's why only Wasim solved the problem.

Then, we played another game. We have been divided into 5 group and my member is Wawa and Ana. This time also we need to guess. Miss zu was played the video clip of Toy story3, Walk to remember and Grenade by Bruno Mars. Frankly speaking, I really don't like to watch cartoon especially these type of cartoon such as Toy story, Cars, Madagascar, Ice age and Kung Fu Panda. 

I don't know why. When the video was played I can't catch up what they said. I feel like "OMG ! what are you talking about? ". I feel so shamed because our assumption is not accurate at all. haha But it's okay i'm not going to give up. For Walk to remember video , my group only get 0.5 mark. So pity . I'm sorry I can't give the best for my group.  Up till here, kbye ;)

Monday, 18 February 2013

Last day for outlining.

Wednesday (6/2/13)


Today is the last day for us to finished our outline. The best part is Diba and I have finished the outline. Ho yeahhh ! But, I'm still not satisfied because I think my format was wrong. We still repaired it until the last. I'm also asked a helped from Ika.Thank god she helped us. 

For those who have done the outline have to check others group outline. So, Sara and I was changed our outline to checked . I think Sara and Pika outline was very good and I don't know what to comment. That's all we done until the class dismissed. 

Outline again !

Tuesday (5/2/13)


Today we are still focused on outline. We had finished the outline only conclusion not done yet. We have repair the outline yesterday so that it will become better. Miss Zu still checked other people outline, she want us do the best. I think so because she taught us alot of things and correct our mistake. Miss Zu said tomorrow is the last day for us to asked her question about the outline term paper and I need finished my outline today ! okay bye .

Outline term paper for three days.

Monday (4/2/13)


I really love monday because our Bel class was very near my college. So, today Miss Zu said she want to check our outline term paper. Diba and I have done our outline during weekend but it still not fully complete yet. Miss Zu said we are going to focus and finish the outline by this week. We need to submit on Thursday.

Miss Zu had check our outline but as usual there are still mistake here and there. She want us to paraphrasing, summarising and doing citation to the point. I think it is not that easy because I'm really bad in paraphrasing. Okay, whatever it is I still need to finish the outline term paper this mid sem break.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Check the introduction.

Wednesday (30/1/13)


Today only 2 partner will present their thesis statement which is Ita and Asnawi. when Asnawi and Asyraf present their thesis statement, Miss Zu was very angry because the thesis statement was wrong. Miss Zu also angry with all of us because when she asked a question we were not answered it. Miss was asking who will helped to correct their thesis statement and everyone was keep quiet.

Actually, I want to help them but I'm not sure whether my answer is correct or not. I'm also scared if Miss Zu get angry becausee of my answered. So, I'm just keep quiet and not even try to help them. At last, Miss Zu who are the one that helped to correct the thesis statement. 

Then, we proceed with the introduction. Miss Zu was checked our introduction one by one. I feel so nervous because my introduction very simple and we just use one hook only. I'm afraid that Miss Zu will reject our introduction. So, Diba and I make a new introduction with 2 hook which is statistic and rheotorical question. I hope she will approve it.

Before the class dismissed, Miss Zu want us to make an outlining. She want us to be independent and do the outlining without she need to correct it because she so tired to correct our mistakes. She also give us the example as a reference. Hope we all can do it. Insyaallah :)