Sunday, 24 February 2013

Cause and effect essay.

wednesday (20/2/13)


Hye everyone! Today lesson is about cause and effect essay. Miss zu taught us more detail and we learnt all pattern of this essay. I preferred patern no 4 and 5 because it just focus on causes or effect. After Miss zu explained one by one about the pattern, then we played a game. 

I'm group no 2, so my block pattern is also no 2. Each group was given a different topics. My topics is about  disabled child. At first, I don't understand what actually the meaning of the video. Then, Miss zu explained. Actually, the video is about what is the effect of having disabled child in family. Each person need to do one paragraph. we need to do it in 40 minute and then submit the soft copy. 

Frankly speaking, I really feel stress because we need to think fast. I'm pretty sure my sentences structure is worse as well as my grammar.  But, during that time I don't care at all, the most important thing is we submit the soft copy to Miss zu before 6 pm. 

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