Monday, 31 December 2012


wednesday (20/12/12)


I was absent that day because I'm already back home. I feel sory for Diba because she has to do presentation alone. Diba and I had decided to choose topics Online shopping vs traditional shopping  instead of PTPTN loan. Alhamdulilah our topic had been approved by Miss Zu. The only things we need to do is  find what its meaning, differences and similarities between online and traditional shopping. Hope everything going smoothly. Amin :)

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Broad topics, narrow topics & focused topics.


Today, we are going to do presentation for our topics. After Ika Kardi and Fatin present, then it my turn with Diba. Actually I'm not ready to present, but I'm afraid Miss Zu will get mad when there is no one want to present. I was very nervous and Diba start her clumsy habit. Then, I was present about my topics. There was a lot of typing error at our slide and Miss Zu ask us to correct it.

Maybe Diba was too tired yesterday, she didn't notice it. It is also my mistake because I'm already check but I was too careless. Our topics is killer infectious diseases, online shopping and baby dumping. Miss Zu was reject all of our topics because she said it was very common. Her student have done it before. Then, she ask us back to the seat. She said our topics is all about causes and effect essay. She getting bored. 

Then, she explain to us again about the broad, narrowed and focused topics. She also explain about type of essay and she want every group has different type of essay. I have discuss with Diba and we want to do about PTPTN loan or Online shopping vs traditional shopping. After she showed us an example of topics, I have get a clear picture what should we do. Tomorrow we are going to present again. I hope she can accept our topics. That's all bye ! ;)

Monday, 17 December 2012



I feel very tired today. A lot of thing need to be done and remember. Okay, as usual monday my class Bel  at DSP. I'm happy because it's near my college. Today, Miss Zu was taught us about tenses. We recap about past tense, present tense, future tense, indefinite pronouns and so on. 

Seriously, I was blur and can't remember what I have learnt before this. Eventhough, I have learnt those tenses since primary school ,It's still not easy to remember. We need to do a lot of exercise. Miss Zu said we need to learn for ourselves not because of rewards. Tomorrow, we are going to do presentation for topics that Miss Zu want us to find(broad topic, narrowed topics, and focus topic) . Hope everything going smoothly. Amin !

Thursday, 13 December 2012

My view on blogging.


Blogging has been popular nowadays. It's allow people to express their feeling and to interact with each other. Do you know Hanis Zalikha and Maria Elena? They are the most famous blogger. Their blog is very interesting and have a lot of beneficial information that you can get. I think blogging is not easy, because it's need a lot of interesting idea or else the readers will get bored.

Before this, I have a blog. But, I was delete it. Blogging is definitely not me, because i'm too lazy to write. Unfortunately, this semester I have to create a blog. Miss Zu insist us to create a blog. It is such a burden to me. The worse is I have to update 3 times a week. Huh ! But I will consider this as one of my assignment as a student. There must be are reason why she want us to create a blog. Maybe she want to encourage us in writing. 

I'm sure at the end of this semester, I have done a lot of entry. Just think positive and don't delay our work. Insyaallah every people can do better. bye !  

My view of writing.


Writing??Phewww.. I don't like writing since my secondary school. I preferred speaking than writing. I love English but I never got an A for this subject. This is because of my writing maybe. I'm very bad in writing, I always use sentences with glaring grammatical errors. I don't have an ideas to write a longer essay. Please don't ask me to write an essay more than 350 words. I'm not kidding, then you will see a lot of grammatical errors.

Why I can't do a better essay? Maybe I'm too lazy to practice writing. Another reason, I think because of mind set or mental block. Yes maybe I'm always said," I don't like to write, I don't have an idea, I don't know how to write." Those word was poison to our mind. Miss Zu told me, if we are blank when writing we can always use WH question.  What, When,Where, Who and How. It can help in stimulate our mind. I have learn WH question since primary school, but I never practice it.

I will try to improve my writing. But, it's going to take a time. This semester is the last for subject Bel. I hope my writing is improve and I got an A for this subject. Insyaallah ;) Bye !

I believe

Blogging time.

4.00-5.50 pm
Assalammualaikum .

Today class was at SL and today Miss Zu want to see our blog. She had remind us to create a blog since last week. Some of my friend had already done and some of them still not update their first entry. Same goes with me. I should have 5 entry for this week. That day Miss Zu give us a time to create, update or edit our blog.

We sharing a lot of information with each other.  Now I know how to make it the blog become nice and what should I put in the blog to make it interesting. That's all I learn from my friend. I also taught my friend what I know. In addition, Miss Zu also explain to me what I should write in the blog and how to gain an idea when we are blank. 

Besides, Miss Zu also give ask a task with a partner for weekend. We need to find an article with interesting broad topic. She going to check on monday whether the topic is suitable or not. Around 6.00 pm our class dismiss. This week gonna be a busy week for me. Huh ! Tired . wait for the next entry. bye !

That's shocking !

4.00-5.50 pm


Today our class continue with the presentation and it's my turn. I have to tell 4 facts about my partner and he also do the same thing. I just don't want to remember one of my facts because he only made up the facts. It's okay. Just a little bit annoying . After finish with the presentation, we continue with another activity. It was fun. Never done this game with other lecturer. Miss Zu want us to list 4 thing that will make people shocking.

We need to write without sharing with friend. They can't know what is 4 thing about us. Then, we need to fold the paper to make a rocket. We need to make sure the rocket is fly to our friend. Everyone must get other people rocket and not ours. After that, we need to present infront of the class and guess who is the people.

There is 4 thing that shocking about me. Actually, it's not that shocking.If you want to know, first I do not eat catfish. It's because the face look scary. Second, I feel like want throw up when I see a poop. It's disgusting okay ! Third, after 2 hours eat, I can eat again. I think because my metabolisme rate is faster and that's why my weight is difficult to increase. Lastly, I'm not afraid of insect. I can even hold it with my hand.

I was know a lot about my classmate. What they like and dislike as well as their bad habit.haha It was really burst my laughter. We had so much fun and enjoy the activity. I hope the next class we will do more interesting activity. That's all bye ! :)

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

four facts about yourself.

2.10-3.50 pm

On wednesday our class had been cancel. So today we are going to continue with the presentation. What we need to do is present the 4 facts about our partner but one of the facts must be false statement. Our classmate must be guess which is the false. The first presenter is Nawi and Nadia. 

Miss Zu is getting headache because our class is to slow in presenting. She said our class is slow and our grammar is worse. I think, we are nervous that's why we cannot doing well. Then, Miss Zu give us 5 minute to discuss with partner before presenting.  I hope we all can improve after this. 

The best couple is Izat and pika. Izat is very funny and with his frowning face make us want to laugh.Haha
3.50 pm class is dismiss and the left couple will present tomorrow. Yes! tomorrow is my turn. Nervous :p bye !

Second day of class.



Today class was at Blok U.  After start the class with recite the doa, Miss Zu was explain about type of essay in BEL 311. She said Bel 311 are more tough than Bel in part 1 and 2. In Bel part 3 , the most important is the writing. If I'm not mistaken there are 5 type of essay. Which is

*cause-effect essay
*problem-solution essay
*compare-contrast essay
*argumentative essay
*discussion essay

All of this we need to REMEMBER ! One of this will come out in final examination.

Then, Miss Zu want us to be in pair by counting the numbers. My partner is repeater student. I don't know him and I think it's bit difficult for me to cooperate with him. But it's okay. I still need to do it. I need to tell 4 facts about my partner and he also do the same thing. Miss Zu give us a time to gather an information and we need to present tomorrow. That's all . wait for the next entry .  Bye !

Monday, 10 December 2012

New life begin.

2.10-3.50 pm

okay new life begin means , I have to start my new semester as a student. It's a little bit boring and annoying. I think it will like that for a week. Well you know I had to far away from family. I FEEL HOMESICK ! ya even I'm part 3 now I still homesick . what a childish I am , right? I'm sure all of them feel the same.

Back to the topic, today was the first day of our class after 1 month holiday. But, I was absent during that day because I on my way to UiTM, Segamat. I have a family problem on sunday, so my mom had decide to send me on monday. I had to skip a class.

 For BEL 311 my lecturer is Miss Zuraidah Bt Sumery. She is from Batu Pahat. I love to heard when she speak in English. It was so clear and easy for me to understands. The way she talk was very energetic. This semester for BEL subject I was not even feel sleepy. Hence, because of Miss Zu I'm create this blog.

My friend had told me that they are doing social networking, when I was absent that day. The need to sit in  a circle. It is activities that need them to communicate with each other.It's such a waste, because I was absent that day.  It's okay I will try not to skip class after this. Insya allah :) bye !