Thursday, 13 December 2012

Blogging time.

4.00-5.50 pm
Assalammualaikum .

Today class was at SL and today Miss Zu want to see our blog. She had remind us to create a blog since last week. Some of my friend had already done and some of them still not update their first entry. Same goes with me. I should have 5 entry for this week. That day Miss Zu give us a time to create, update or edit our blog.

We sharing a lot of information with each other.  Now I know how to make it the blog become nice and what should I put in the blog to make it interesting. That's all I learn from my friend. I also taught my friend what I know. In addition, Miss Zu also explain to me what I should write in the blog and how to gain an idea when we are blank. 

Besides, Miss Zu also give ask a task with a partner for weekend. We need to find an article with interesting broad topic. She going to check on monday whether the topic is suitable or not. Around 6.00 pm our class dismiss. This week gonna be a busy week for me. Huh ! Tired . wait for the next entry. bye !

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