Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Broad topics, narrow topics & focused topics.


Today, we are going to do presentation for our topics. After Ika Kardi and Fatin present, then it my turn with Diba. Actually I'm not ready to present, but I'm afraid Miss Zu will get mad when there is no one want to present. I was very nervous and Diba start her clumsy habit. Then, I was present about my topics. There was a lot of typing error at our slide and Miss Zu ask us to correct it.

Maybe Diba was too tired yesterday, she didn't notice it. It is also my mistake because I'm already check but I was too careless. Our topics is killer infectious diseases, online shopping and baby dumping. Miss Zu was reject all of our topics because she said it was very common. Her student have done it before. Then, she ask us back to the seat. She said our topics is all about causes and effect essay. She getting bored. 

Then, she explain to us again about the broad, narrowed and focused topics. She also explain about type of essay and she want every group has different type of essay. I have discuss with Diba and we want to do about PTPTN loan or Online shopping vs traditional shopping. After she showed us an example of topics, I have get a clear picture what should we do. Tomorrow we are going to present again. I hope she can accept our topics. That's all bye ! ;)

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