Monday, 10 December 2012

New life begin.

2.10-3.50 pm

okay new life begin means , I have to start my new semester as a student. It's a little bit boring and annoying. I think it will like that for a week. Well you know I had to far away from family. I FEEL HOMESICK ! ya even I'm part 3 now I still homesick . what a childish I am , right? I'm sure all of them feel the same.

Back to the topic, today was the first day of our class after 1 month holiday. But, I was absent during that day because I on my way to UiTM, Segamat. I have a family problem on sunday, so my mom had decide to send me on monday. I had to skip a class.

 For BEL 311 my lecturer is Miss Zuraidah Bt Sumery. She is from Batu Pahat. I love to heard when she speak in English. It was so clear and easy for me to understands. The way she talk was very energetic. This semester for BEL subject I was not even feel sleepy. Hence, because of Miss Zu I'm create this blog.

My friend had told me that they are doing social networking, when I was absent that day. The need to sit in  a circle. It is activities that need them to communicate with each other.It's such a waste, because I was absent that day.  It's okay I will try not to skip class after this. Insya allah :) bye !

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