Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Second day of class.



Today class was at Blok U.  After start the class with recite the doa, Miss Zu was explain about type of essay in BEL 311. She said Bel 311 are more tough than Bel in part 1 and 2. In Bel part 3 , the most important is the writing. If I'm not mistaken there are 5 type of essay. Which is

*cause-effect essay
*problem-solution essay
*compare-contrast essay
*argumentative essay
*discussion essay

All of this we need to REMEMBER ! One of this will come out in final examination.

Then, Miss Zu want us to be in pair by counting the numbers. My partner is repeater student. I don't know him and I think it's bit difficult for me to cooperate with him. But it's okay. I still need to do it. I need to tell 4 facts about my partner and he also do the same thing. Miss Zu give us a time to gather an information and we need to present tomorrow. That's all . wait for the next entry .  Bye !

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