Thursday, 13 December 2012

My view on blogging.


Blogging has been popular nowadays. It's allow people to express their feeling and to interact with each other. Do you know Hanis Zalikha and Maria Elena? They are the most famous blogger. Their blog is very interesting and have a lot of beneficial information that you can get. I think blogging is not easy, because it's need a lot of interesting idea or else the readers will get bored.

Before this, I have a blog. But, I was delete it. Blogging is definitely not me, because i'm too lazy to write. Unfortunately, this semester I have to create a blog. Miss Zu insist us to create a blog. It is such a burden to me. The worse is I have to update 3 times a week. Huh ! But I will consider this as one of my assignment as a student. There must be are reason why she want us to create a blog. Maybe she want to encourage us in writing. 

I'm sure at the end of this semester, I have done a lot of entry. Just think positive and don't delay our work. Insyaallah every people can do better. bye !  

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