Thursday, 13 December 2012

My view of writing.


Writing??Phewww.. I don't like writing since my secondary school. I preferred speaking than writing. I love English but I never got an A for this subject. This is because of my writing maybe. I'm very bad in writing, I always use sentences with glaring grammatical errors. I don't have an ideas to write a longer essay. Please don't ask me to write an essay more than 350 words. I'm not kidding, then you will see a lot of grammatical errors.

Why I can't do a better essay? Maybe I'm too lazy to practice writing. Another reason, I think because of mind set or mental block. Yes maybe I'm always said," I don't like to write, I don't have an idea, I don't know how to write." Those word was poison to our mind. Miss Zu told me, if we are blank when writing we can always use WH question.  What, When,Where, Who and How. It can help in stimulate our mind. I have learn WH question since primary school, but I never practice it.

I will try to improve my writing. But, it's going to take a time. This semester is the last for subject Bel. I hope my writing is improve and I got an A for this subject. Insyaallah ;) Bye !

I believe

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