Tuesday, 11 December 2012

four facts about yourself.

2.10-3.50 pm

On wednesday our class had been cancel. So today we are going to continue with the presentation. What we need to do is present the 4 facts about our partner but one of the facts must be false statement. Our classmate must be guess which is the false. The first presenter is Nawi and Nadia. 

Miss Zu is getting headache because our class is to slow in presenting. She said our class is slow and our grammar is worse. I think, we are nervous that's why we cannot doing well. Then, Miss Zu give us 5 minute to discuss with partner before presenting.  I hope we all can improve after this. 

The best couple is Izat and pika. Izat is very funny and with his frowning face make us want to laugh.Haha
3.50 pm class is dismiss and the left couple will present tomorrow. Yes! tomorrow is my turn. Nervous :p bye !

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