Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Monday (18/2/13)


Today we have learn about inferences. Inferences is what you read between the lines or the author want you, as a reader to guess what actually he/she mean.

When we read something our inside voices will
  • make guesses
  • find connecting point
  • ask question
  • make prediction
  • personalize the reading 
  • uses background knowledge to interpret.
To make the students understand, Miss Zu have create a game. The game is call, "who kill Mr. Boddy?" . So, we need to guess and make prediction or assumption based on the clues that Miss zu gave. I think my classmates don't understand how to played the game. That's why only Wasim solved the problem.

Then, we played another game. We have been divided into 5 group and my member is Wawa and Ana. This time also we need to guess. Miss zu was played the video clip of Toy story3, Walk to remember and Grenade by Bruno Mars. Frankly speaking, I really don't like to watch cartoon especially these type of cartoon such as Toy story, Cars, Madagascar, Ice age and Kung Fu Panda. 

I don't know why. When the video was played I can't catch up what they said. I feel like "OMG ! what are you talking about? ". I feel so shamed because our assumption is not accurate at all. haha But it's okay i'm not going to give up. For Walk to remember video , my group only get 0.5 mark. So pity . I'm sorry I can't give the best for my group.  Up till here, kbye ;)

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