Wednesday, 27 February 2013

References and Forum.

Tuesday (26/2/13)


Hye friends ! Today we are going to do Forum! Huh I feel nervous, that means we need to do speaking. Haha of course we need to speak. But, before start with the forum, Miss zu was explained to us how to make references for our draft essay. She explained to us more detailed with an example. We just need to follow exactly in the textbook.

We need to put all our material. At least 5 references. Miss zu want us to do it during weekend. I'm sure all of my friend are going very busy because instead of Bel we have another assignment for other subject. 

After that, we do forum. Miss zu was divided us into 5 group. I'm group number 2 and my member is Ita, Nawi, Wawa and Kima. Our title is about the cleanliness and good maintenance of public amenities. We need to discuss about the causes and how to solve this problem. Miss zu give us time to discuss and each person in our group must have a role. 

Miss zu said we are going to proceed the forum tomorrow because we don't have much time. Then, class dismissed. Let's wait and see for the forum tomorrow. Kbye :)

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