Monday, 25 February 2013

commenting and problem-solution essay.

monday (25/2/13)


Today we brought our laptop to the class because Miss zu want to check our draft essay. She want us to do peer editing. We need to change our essay with other group. For compare-contrast essay only Izat and I doing the essay. So, we need to change with each other. Unfortunately, Wasim didn't come to the class and Izat don't have the soft copy for his essay.

So, I  give Izat my soft copy of essay so that he can do commenting. While waiting for Izat commenting on our essay, Diba and I do the online quizes. That's all we do for today. But we have replacement class tonight. We will write an essay again. Huh !

At night class, we are doing problem solution essay. As usual Miss zu will explained more detailed to us about that type of essay. Thank god, this essay only have 2 pattern. Miss zu said this problem-solution essay is the most easier. Then, we played a game. I'm group no 1 and we choose pattern no 2. Each group have different topics and my topics is stealing on open house.

But this time we need to put in text citation. We can use goggle to find the information. I'm doing introduction and Miss zu said at least has one in text citation in the introduction paragraph. I think this time much better because we are not rushing to do the essay. We also submit first. But I'm not sure whether my introduction is okay or not. Hopefully, everything will be fine. Up till here. Kbye !

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