Saturday, 2 February 2013

Check the introduction.

Wednesday (30/1/13)


Today only 2 partner will present their thesis statement which is Ita and Asnawi. when Asnawi and Asyraf present their thesis statement, Miss Zu was very angry because the thesis statement was wrong. Miss Zu also angry with all of us because when she asked a question we were not answered it. Miss was asking who will helped to correct their thesis statement and everyone was keep quiet.

Actually, I want to help them but I'm not sure whether my answer is correct or not. I'm also scared if Miss Zu get angry becausee of my answered. So, I'm just keep quiet and not even try to help them. At last, Miss Zu who are the one that helped to correct the thesis statement. 

Then, we proceed with the introduction. Miss Zu was checked our introduction one by one. I feel so nervous because my introduction very simple and we just use one hook only. I'm afraid that Miss Zu will reject our introduction. So, Diba and I make a new introduction with 2 hook which is statistic and rheotorical question. I hope she will approve it.

Before the class dismissed, Miss Zu want us to make an outlining. She want us to be independent and do the outlining without she need to correct it because she so tired to correct our mistakes. She also give us the example as a reference. Hope we all can do it. Insyaallah :)

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