Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The thesis statement had been approved.

Tuesday (29/1/13)


As soon as I entered the class, I can feel that Miss Zu was in a bad mood. The class was start with the presentation of other group. At first,Miss Zu was getting mad because of our sentence structure again. "Your grammar is suck!" Miss Zu said to all of us. Yes we admit that because Miss Zu still need to correct our grammatical error and sentence structure.

After argumentative essay group present, Miss Zu was not angry anymore because she said their thesis statement had been improved. I'm glad to hear that. All of their thesis statement had been approved by Miss Zu. There are only two group that Miss Zu rejected and another one group have not present it yet. After this we are going to do outlining and I hope all of us can do it.

This is my thesis statement that had been approved by Miss Zu :

"When trying to decide which methods offers the best deals between online shopping and traditional shopping, the shopper should consider several aspect that present the best service. Some of these aspect include the variety of items, the convenience offered and the type of products."

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