Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Facts and opinion.


Today Miss Zu want to check our blog whether  we are doing the correct things or not. Miss Zu was choose Nadia's blog. She was not satisfied with Nadia's blog because it's too short and the content was not like she expecting. Actually, we should written in blog whatever activity and lesson that we had learnt. We should put  picture, link or even a video.

Then Miss Zu continued with lesson today. We learnt about facts and opinion. I think fact and opinion is much easier. Fact is a specific detail that can be proven as true based on objective evidence. Whereas, Opinion is a feeling of judgement, belief or conclusion that cannot be proven true by evidence.  

Fact :
  • objective
  • state reality
  • can verified
  • presented with unbiased word
example :
  • More women are deciding to give birth at home rather than giving birth in hospitals.
  • Jenny is a girl with blue eyes and blonde hair.

Opinion :
  • subjective
  • interprets reality
  • cannot be verified
  • presented with value word

example :
  •  I believe hospitals are the best places for giving birth./I don't think a hospital is the best place to give birth.
  •  Jenny is pretty/ Jenny is ugly

We can also identified the opinion by the biased word. For example better, awful, disgusting, greater, best and so on is an example for biased words. You all can go this link to test your skill in fact and opinion. I had done it all. Quite good for us to practice. Click this link http://www.bbc.co.uk/skillswise/quiz/en06opin-e3-quiz

After Miss zu explained and we done a few exercises, then we played a game. My group is number 2 and my members is Izat, Inayah, Nadia and Pika. We need to sell a product. Our product is beauty cream which is Safi Balqis Perfect 10. We need to come out with 5 statement whether it's fact or opinion. Then, our classmates need to guess how much is fact and opinion. Our group only score 2 mark. It was fun and I really enjoyed it because it's not boring.

Sales girl and sales man :)


  1. eika, iwant to play this game again..this games very interesting..although your group get 2 mark,its ok..then you get zero mark..

    1. It's really fun right. I'm not sleepy at all when we played a games.