Sunday, 20 January 2013

Introductory paragraph.

Wednesday (16/1/2013)


Today our lesson was continued from yesterday which is introductory paragaraph. Miss Zu was explained on how to make our introduction become interesting for the readers. The part of introductory paragraph should have 
  • The hook - designed to grab attention of the readers immediately.
  • The transition- moves the readers from the hook to the driving force of the essay.
  • Thesis statement- main ideas of the whole paragraph.
We must follow this step to make sure your introduction is clear and interesting. Besides, there are seven type of hook that we can used to make an introduction which is
  • Personal example/observation
  • quotation
  • Facts/ statistic
  • Rhetorical question
  • current events 
  • contrast to the thesis statement
  • Definition

So, to make an introduction you must write the hook first and then the transition. Lastly, you must write the thesis statement. You also can put more than one hook to the introduction to catch the attention of your readers. I think it will much better. Up till here my friends. Bye !

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