Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Presentation for thesis statement& introduction.


Today we are going to present a thesis statement and introduction. The first partner that present is Faiz adha and Fikri. We all are scared to do presentation because Miss Zu said, she will crush our heart. Miss Zu was complained about their thesis statement and she was reject it

After Faiz and Fikri present, Miss Zu want them to called a name. The second partner is Salihin and Faiz, their topics about corruption. Their introduction was so long. It's make me more nervous because my thesis statement is short and simple. But, Miss Zu was very angry at them because she know straight away that Salihin and Faiz just copied from their material. However, their thesis statement was good and just need to change a little bit. So, their thesis statement was accepted.

The third partner should be Acap and Nawi, but they still not done with their thesis statement. So, the next partner is Kima, Izani and Pika. And again Miss Zu getting mad because they also do plagiarism. After that, Fatin and Ika present. Miss Zu also rejected their thesis statement because their thesis statement is not like she expecting. Then its my turn. Thank god Miss Zu was accepted our thesis statement. Yeayy! Diba and I was so happy. We thought Miss Zu will get angry because our thesis statement was too simple. But we are wrong, because she said our thesis statement is good and there is no grammatical error. hehe *give an applause.*

Then, Bariah and Inayah present and follow by Nina and Wawa. Both of their thesis statement have been accepted. Actually, Miss Zu more focus on thesis statement. So,I think we should do a good thesis statement  first. That's all I want to share with you all. Tomorrow Miss Zu do not enter the class and yet we still need to go library for doing blogging.

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  1. i like your entry because its really detail about what happen in the class...keep it up..huhu