Friday, 22 March 2013

What I have learnt in Bel 311.


Hye! Actually, I want to share with you all about what I have learnt in class bel 311 since early semester until now. Seriously, this semester I feel very packed and busy, a lot of assignment need to be done and i'm really tired. The best part is this semester is the last semester for us to learn Bel. No more class Bel after this. Ho yeahh ! I'm happy.

 I think I still need to learn english after this because I think english is very important nowadays. Frankly speaking, I love to learn english but I hate writing. I don't know why, but writing is totally make me migraine. It's not easy to write okay. I'm better choose speaking rather than writing  

I have gain a lot of knowledge from Bel 311. More specific and more detail about Bel 311. Its more tough than Bel 260 and I think most of it is about WRITING. But now I know how to make a better references, introduction, in-text citation and so on. Although, this semester is miserable we still get learn a new things. Thank you to Miss zu for taught us and really sorry if we are make you dissapointed during the class.

That's all. Lots of love from us :)

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  1. migraine? wooahh, how about me? i feel i want to drop bel311 at first, hahaha, because this is the last sem we learn bel so we have to put more effort toward it.