Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Tuesday (5/3/13)


Today we are going to do peer-editing. But, there are still other group that are not fnished with the self-editing. Miss zu give us time to finished our job. Then, we need to change our draft essay with other group. Definitely, my group can only changed with Izat group because both of us doing this type of essay.

While waiting for Izat group finished their editing, Diba and I showed our references to Miss zu and she said our references is good. Alhamdulilah :) I think my work are going smoothly. Diba is my best partner and easy to cooperate. Then, we are doing peer-editing for Izat draft essay. Truthly speaking, I can't understand very well their essay. Their topics is interesting but they not elaborate the point correctly and accurately. 

That's from my opinion but I don't know If I'm right. The bad things is we need to give mark to them. It's really hard to give mark because I'm also not good in doing my essay. But, we still need to give mark and I  followed based on the rubric that Miss zu gave us. Although, I don't like to do all this kind of things but i still learnt something. We need to do work properly, detail and learnt from mistakes to improved ourselves.

Up till here. Bye !

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